Can Marin SEO Help Your Business Thrive?

SEO is not a simple option but a real necessity! A recent survey found that more than 80% of companies use the web to find suppliers of products and services. It is, therefore, vital for any company in order to reinforce their presence on the Internet and, thus, to stand alongside their competitors and even move ahead of them.

Optimizing a website is crucial

Optimizing a site and its positioning on various search engines is an indispensable action to take if you want to improve your visibility on the Internet. Folks can have the most beautiful site in the world but, if no one sees it or finds any interest in it, it is of no use. Effective work and strategic marketing will allow website owners to gain additional traffic, which significantly increases the number of qualified visitors to their site, helping to position yourself against the competition.

In addition, natural SEO has the advantage of being part of the final solution, and the results can remain present several years after a Marin SEO optimization campaign is finished.

Natural SEO at its best

Natural SEO is the most economical SEO solution for most companies. Unlike sponsored links, which charges people through cost per click ads, site owners do not pay based on the number of visitors received or times the site is clicked on. Finally, the efficiency and return on investment of natural positioning is easily quantifiable via audience measurement tools.

With organic SEO, nothing is left to chance. However, natural referencing is an action whose returns are not immediately visible. It takes, on average, three to six months to see the first true results and sometimes more than a year to achieve the objectives set. In addition, regular monitoring and optimization of the marketing campaign will make it possible to achieve the expected results more quickly.

Things to keep in mind

Visits from search engines account for an average of 40% of visitors. Among the visits coming from search engines, 75% come from natural referencing. 7% of Internet users consult more than 3 pages of results before choosing which site to use to complete their action.