Clay Alexander: Shaping the Dishware and Drinkware Industry

Clay Alexander, through his company Ember Technologies, has been able to come up with very useful inventions that have taken the industry to the next level. Ember Technologies began its operations in 2013, and is among the best performing companies.  Ember has a team of very experienced experts, and is considered to be among the fastest growing companies in the world. The engineers at the company have previously worked for well known technology companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Lab, and Apple.

The drinkware and dishware industry will continue to be defined by various innovations from Ember. The company has in the recent past been enjoying success when it comes to engineering and innovation design. The most notable innovation from Ember Technologies is the temperature control coffee mug.

Ember Mug Concept

You can avoid being scalded by hot coffee by using the temperature control mug. It is possible to adjust and maintain the temperature of your coffee by using the ember mug. It is now possible to enjoy your coffee at your preferred temperature by simply adjusting the temperature using a dial under the mug. It is possible to maintain a set temperature for up to two hours. The mug has a rapid cooling capability that allows you to quickly cool your coffee or tea to the desired temperature.

Ember Mug Review

The absence of complicated instructions and buttons make the temperature control mug easy to use. You can achieve the desired temperature by simply rotating the dial at the bottom of the mug. A cell phone can be used to connect an app with the mug for a more effective control. However, it is important to point out you can still control your temperature manually on the mug without using the app.

The other interesting thing about this app is that it can be customized. It is possible to select notification preferences, change temperatures and create presets when suing this special type of mug. The lid is easy to pen and leak proof. The availability of charging features makes it easy to re-charge the mug. You can charge the mug within thirty minutes using the charging coaster that come switch the mug.

The Ember Design

Ammunition Group was contacted by Ember Technologies to help in designing this mug. The mug has an elegant design and looks like the usual travel mug because it can fit in a water bottle cage or a car beverage holder. The mug’s cover is made from a sort-touch that is normally used on smartphones. The wireless charging dock facilitates easy and faster charging.

The Ember mug guarantees comfort and convenience. The mug was well received in the market because of its amazing features. Ember Technologies is expected to come up with other creative inventions like the Ember mug.