How Can You Save Your Home Garden From A Heat Wave?

With the increasing effect of global warming, there has been a significant rise in the temperature of Earth and the heat waves have become a common factor. These harsh warm winds are taking a toll on everything be it humans or plant life. While humans can take preventive steps by themselves, it is important to protect plant and flowers life that is thriving in your garden. Here are the few tips that need to be followed to protect your garden from the heat waves.

Work towards retaining the moisture in your garden- With the rising temperatures and heat waves around, there is excessive water loss from the soil which affects the water intake by plants. In order to ensure a steady supply of water to your plants in the scorching summer heat, it is important to take the help of irrigation hoses and soakers that can slowly deliver water to the plant roots in order to avoid water shortage for the proper growth of the plant.

Add the light mulch to your garden- With the addition of the right quantity of mulch into your garden, you can easily protect your soil from the direct exposure to sunlight for retaining moisture for a long time. People can use a light coloured mulch such as grass that can reflect the sunlight or you can also use bark mulch around the shrubs in your garden. Considering its importance, if you have to send flowers to Chennai for the home garden of your friend who loves gardening, don’t forget to inform him/her about the mulching process.

Provide water to the plants in the morning- In order to protect your garden from the extremely hot climate, you need to water your plants in the early morning much before the time sun starts beating down. If you are planning to water your plants during the afternoon, most of the water will evaporate from the soil and less water will travel down to the roots. Furthermore, you need to use rainwater instead of the normal tap water as it contains all the necessary natural minerals for the brilliant growth of the plant without any addition of chemicals. You need to understand the fact that overwatering is also bad for the plants and thus it needs to be avoided.

Ensure that your lawn is about 3-6 inches long- It is observed that longer grass does have a shading effect that can help in the moisture retention. In order to achieve it, make sure that the grass in your garden is at least 3 inches long. For extreme hot or drought conditions, the length of the grass cover should not be less than 6 inches.

Remove weeds from your garden- There are pesky weeds that can suck up all the water from the soil and can affect the proper growth of your garden plants. To overcome this problem, you need to weed your garden once in a week for best results.

So, with these helpful tips, you can easily send flowers to Chennai for your loved ones who want to grow them in their home garden in an effortless manner.