What are the Different Types of Pallet Racking?

Anyone who needs to organise storage in a warehouse will know how important pallets are for maximising space and efficiency of access to the stored items. Choosing the right racking will make these tasks much easier. The array of options are designed to suit different kinds of storage spaces.

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Small Spaces

When the floor space is limited, narrow aisle racking could be a suitable choice. This variety of racking will require fork lifts, used with a guide rail, so this is another variable to be factored into the overall cost. When planned efficiently, positioning of shelves can be extremely flexible and provide great access. Cantilever pallets are good in big or small spaces, and installation can be of the fixed or flexible type. It has vertical supports at its back, and is well suited to stashing long pieces of lumber or metal, and is easily accessed by fork lifts.

Popular Choices

Wide aisle racking is frequently chosen in the UK. It costs less to implement than narrow aisle racking, and is easy to access. However, storage per square metre will be less, which may not be an issue when there is plenty of space. A Drive In option is an efficient way of organising storage. With this type, your goods are stored in a cantilevered arrangement that forms a block without aisles. This will make the most of your space, but access to the items will be on a last stacked, first out model, though the more sides of the block a fork lift can access, the more flexibility there will be.

Warehouse goods can represent a significant investment, so it pays to store them properly. Using forklifts properly is important to minimise damage, and insurance may also be an idea to consider. For more details, see this report from The Guardian.

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Good storage is all about choosing an efficient method that offers excellent value for money. It is worth taking the time and doing some research to obtain the best option for your needs, as the wrong choice is likely to have a negative impact on your profit margins and business.