What Does Britain’s Perfect Pub Look Like?

Most of us visit a pub at some time, whether it’s for a quick drink or to meet friends or for a family meal – but what would your perfect pub look like? New research has highlighted the features that consumers see as most important and what would be in their ideal establishment.

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Good Food

The YouGov survey shows the key thing most people want from a good pub is that it serves food, with 67% of respondents suggesting this. The importance of food to the success of a pub means that owners need to look at the facilities they have and how these can be improved, such as installing new appliances like commercial microwave ovens, or hiring a good chef to redesign the menu.

Another big draw is a beer garden (63%), which might be surprising when you consider that the British weather is not always predictable. However, pub-goers also like a cosy interior and 52% said their ideal one would have a fireplace.

With pub closures still occurring at 23 a week, it’s essential that those in charge take note of the features that are most important and try to introduce them where possible.

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Some of these are easier than others, such as retraining staff to take an interest in customers and know regulars, which just over half (51%) of respondents wanted. 50% of people said their ideal pub sold snacks and this could be as simple as having a selection of crisps and nuts available or creating a snack menu that can quickly be cooked using commercial microwave ovens.

Music and Entertainment

After the top five most important features, the responses started to tail off, but real ale enthusiasts want a pub that serves this (37%) and music was another point that people brought up. Around a third (35% for each) were looking for pubs to have live music acts or background music.

Entertainment features are also a draw for customers and 34% said they’d like a pub quiz. The responses from men and women differ quite substantially when it comes to televisions and sports coverage. Only 13% of women wanted a pub with a TV compared to 22% of men.

There have been many debates in pubs over what makes a perfect establishment, but this research shows what they have to do to bring in customers.